Returning to reality and bettering yourself….

It’s that time again…..home time.


Now my relaxing and secluded holiday is over and my seven hour journey begins home, I’m definitely feeling the holiday blues, but I have to say I’ve missed working and actually having things on my schedule, not to sound all business, but small things such as going to the gym, meeting up with friends and of course college work (There’s also my job but I’m not sure ill ever miss waiting tables)

Due to the long drive home it gave me a lot of time to reflect on my holiday, this also lead me to reflect on how I am in my everyday life.


While away I was in a very happy mood almost constantly which reflected on the moods of my family too, this was the first thing that I wanted to address. Despite my age I get very stressed over very small things that happen in everyday life, this definitely makes me snap at my loved ones which isn’t fair. I’m also a victim of the typical student curse….not enough sleep and too much coffee. This 100% adds to the bad moods but Thankfully everyday is a chance to change, so to conclude that…..i’m working on it.


I’ve decided to set myself some challenges, mainly for fun but after reading a few articles about how our daily habits change the way we think, I thought it’d be interesting to see if anything I read works on me.


I’ve decided to start with the three down below, as I feel they will help reduce my stress levels as well as boost my productivity.


 Wake up early.


          waking up early is supposed to allow for ample productivity and peaceful reflection. Due to the lack of others awake it should allow you to be 100% focused on your goals along with giving you time to reflect and look forward to your future aspirations.




          If your living space is cluttered how can you expect your mind to be clear, right? studies have shown that physical clutter can lessen focus and raise stress levels, which in turn will lessen work effectiveness and make reaching your goals harder as well with being a longer process in general. My goal is to do a 20 minute tidy each day.


       Plan your day before you go to bed.


          If you’re anything like me you LOVE lists. According to a few sources (credited down below) making a “TO DO” list for the next day before going to bed will allow you to have a clear mind of what needs doing for the next day. This will lead to better sleep, plus it should give you extra time the next days as you will be able to plan the most effective way of achieving everything on your list.



I will do an updated post on the effectiveness of these helpful habits in about a months time, this will leave enough time to fully get in the groove of things and hopefully the results will be good!


leave a comment below telling me how you keep and positive, productive mindset or what you want to change!



credited sources:

I also read a LOT of junk magazines 🙂


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