Where i’ve been….changes to my blog?

Welcome back my pumpkins! so its been a little while! The first thing I want to address is where in the world I’ve been!?

So in the past few months I have gone through unemployment  re-employment, hit a  very rough low and now I’m feeling like things are looking up.

Starting with the unemployment….. I had worked as a waitress since I was 14 (now 18) i enjoyed most of the places i worked but due to needing more money for my car and just living, i was forced to leave my local pub The Kings Arms  which was just a two minuet walk away. I ended up working at Wadenhoe house and i can honestly say i have never worked in a place so depressing! There is much more i could say about Wadenhoe house but I’ll skip that for now.

Due to the long hours and depressing atmosphere work was really starting get my mood down and I wasn’t being the happy bubbly Lauren that i always felt i was. so after my holiday in Scotland i decided it was time to take a break from work completely.

It’s always the rough times that allow you to understand who is really there for you when things aren’t the easiest.

Moving on to the re-employment…. I have to say it was a stroke of luck, I’m in a Facebook group where people in my local area post items they have for sale and just general information. Chloe a manager from Oasis posted a job listing for a sales adviser in a house of Fraser concession stand. I jumped at the chance! and after a process of interviews and just the normal job process I got it! I can honestly say I was on top of the world.

It’s now been a couple of days of working and I am really enjoying it, getting back into the routine is an adjustment but a good one.

Finally the changes I want to make to my blog, When i created NiftyNights I thought I knew what I wanted it to be but slowly its changing and I think ill be transforming my blog slowly, I’ve been playing with a few knew ideas but I will make a full post about it and work off the feedback.

I’m aware that this is a short brief post and i promise that in days to come full in detail posts will be coming to fully explain the situation.

Thank you for reading my pumpkins, have a good day!


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