My Top 3 Gluten-Free Pasta Sauces

My Top 3 Gluten-Free Pasta Sauces

Welcome back my pumpkins!

So today I have decided to share 3 gluten-free pasta sauces that will 100% become staples to your weekly meal plan. Not only are all these recipes gluten-free, but they’re also delicious! and don’t require a lot of skill.

My favourite gluten-free pasta is from Waitrose, this post has no connection with Waitrose but it is the pasta I use when it comes to making these dishes as it’s the closest to regular pasta I can find. 

Anyway lets jump right into this post! 

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How I Came To Be Gluten-Free And Living IBS…..

Ohhhh yes I said it IBS. So many people suffer but so many don’t ever want to discuss the topic, for anyone who doesn’t know IBS stands for irritable bowl syndrome and according to the NHS 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from IBS….. Sadly I’m one of them.

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The Trick To Getting Out Of A Rut.

Every now and again I find myself in a rut, This probably happens around 2 or 3 times a year, I really start to question what I am doing with my life or the direction I want it to take, which feels ridiculous at the age of 18! no one at my age knows what they want to do.

Because of my age and the uncertainty of the future, part of me finds it amazingly exciting. All the possibilities, the things that could happen, not knowing where I’ll end up. Brilliant but also terrifying well……..for me at least. 

Due to recently getting out of a rut, I have put together some of my top tips that I use to help me better my mind set and productivity levels. 

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