The Trick To Getting Out Of A Rut.

Every now and again I find myself in a rut, This probably happens around 2 or 3 times a year, I really start to question what I am doing with my life or the direction I want it to take, which feels ridiculous at the age of 18! no one at my age knows what they want to do.

Because of my age and the uncertainty of the future, part of me finds it amazingly exciting. All the possibilities, the things that could happen, not knowing where I’ll end up. Brilliant but also terrifying well……..for me at least. 

Due to recently getting out of a rut, I have put together some of my top tips that I use to help me better my mind set and productivity levels. 

Tip 1. 

Analyse what is really getting you down, what is it changed in your life/mood/mental state. I mean think deep, if its work what is it at work? the tasks? the people? If it’s at home – your relationship with your loved ones? your routine? etc.  once you feel you know or you feel you’ve got a better understanding of what is making you unhappy, do whatever you believe is needed. For me during the time of realising I cried, I was in a bad way but I luckily I have Alex (my boyfriend) who loves me and was there for me when I wasn’t sure which direction to take. The realising doesn’t need to be as dramatic as that but hopefully once you’ve reached the conclusion of what’s going on you should already begin to feel better. 

Tip 2.

Making changes; If you truly want to make things better then changes will need to be made! I don’t mean change to a whole new person but keeping everything the same isn’t going to make things better. The changes I had to make personally were mainly mental changes, I went through a stage of waking up in the morning and saying out loud that it’s a beautiful day, being positive and just starting the day happy (probably annoying Alex 😀 )  This small act of happiness would set me up for such a productive day, I got so much uni work done, walked the dog, went to work in a good mood, cleaned the house or my room and the way it affected the people around me was amazing! if you give if a positive vibe then you tend to either just make people’s day a little better or receive the same positivity back. 

Another few changes that can be made are physical, just going for a walk or drinking water can seriously impact your mood. Daylight is proven to better your mood but 42% and water is proven to be nothing but good for you body and brain! it will also help you to avoid the mid day crash which usually occurs after lunch.

Tip 3.

organise yourself! I find the best way to organise is by making lists…I am 100% one of those people who lists everything possible. If I go in holiday I will take a pen and note pad just in case a list needs to be made (and of course we can’t forget about the packing list) but when something is set out on paper it seems easier to check each item off one by one. Planners are also a brilliant way of keeping track of what you need to be doing and when. 

For organisation process, I decided to start by cleaning the place I spend most of my time….my room, everything I own is in that room but as I walked in, it would feel cluttered even when tidy ,the drawers needed clearing out, the windows needed a clean etc. I also cleaned my car inside and out. The physical action of cleaning is very therapeutic for me, putting on some music and just focusing on the task in hand, not to mention the feeling of accomplishment once you’re done. Brilliant in my opinion. 

Tip 4.

Take a break and put yourself first, Often people forget to make time for themselves, this can come down to a busy family life, working too much or if you’re like me you just have a to do list that never seems to reduce in size. The first way to make time for yourself is it plan it in, like in the last tip where I mention how helpful a planner can be, this can come into play when making time for yourself. I always start with panning my week on a Sunday night or a Monday morning, luckily for me I get a fair amount of me time in the evening as the latest I can finish work is 8pm so ill be home by 8:30pm. 

 I’m aware that if you’re a parent then free time is a little me precious, this is where I recommend just planning 15 minuets every few days (or everyday if possible) to read a book or a magazine, pop a face mask on and watch a YouTube video. Anything that makes you feel a little bit pampered and relaxed. 

I took the taking a break part of this tip a little to far, as you wold know if you read my last post. I fully quit my job! not recommended as having a job will offer financial stability reducing the amount you will stress, I did have a lot of time to work on uni and getting back to being me. I have to say thought, not leaving the house can get a little lonely. 


All of the tips in this post join together to reducing stress. Stress is one of the hardest things your body and brain can go through! Not only will it have horrible effects on your mood but your skin wont like you for it either along with your digestive system and so on….. Stress can make you snappy which will also make people around you moody with you and who wants to hang out with the snappy moody friend… one……. Being in a rut is a horrid feeling and sadly it isn’t one of those things that will just go away with time. It takes work! finding the motivation to pick yourself back up and keep pushing forward with your life. Everyone can be better no matter who you are but its important not to compare your life to anyone else’s, you are you and if you! find inspiration from others that’s great but remember perfection doesn’t exist so don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go right, everyday is a chance to make the change! – don’t put it off too long thought 😉 – 

Thank you so much for reading! I hoped something in this post was able to help you make the first steps in the right direction. please leave a comment blow and let me know what you do to improve yourself and ditch the rut life! and don’t forget to let me know what type of post you’d like to see!






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