How I Came To Be Gluten-Free And Living IBS…..

Ohhhh yes I said it IBS. So many people suffer but so many don’t ever want to discuss the topic, for anyone who doesn’t know IBS stands for irritable bowl syndrome and according to the NHS 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from IBS….. Sadly I’m one of them.

My story starts back in New years 2017, I was in Scotland with Alex and his family having the nicest time despite the fact I was actually very unwell, I was recovering from a chest infection and my throat had closed up so much that my voice was virtually non-existent, but still I soldiered on and was determined to make it a new years I wouldn’t forget.

On new years eve the drinking started early, along with the partying. Everyone was in good spirits being surrounded by loved ones and just relaxing. We were having our dinner and party at the hotel we were staying in (if I remember correctly). At this point I could eat whatever I wanted, gluten, endless amounts of dairy, anything I desired wasn’t an issue and to be honest I thought it would always be that way. I was so wrong! For the dinner I believe there was haggis which was actually ok and I had gone for the beef Wellington, which was disappointing to say the least but thought nothing of it, it was actually funny to have the bad food, everyone was laughing at the situation. The one thing they did get very right was the chocolate dessert! and thank god for that as dessert is the best part of any meal sadly I can’t blame this meal exactly because that’s not how it works but if I could I would! I put this in as this is the last meal I remember eating before I started to have problems.

once the dinner was over the party went on but as the night came to a close everyone decided to go back to their rooms. I do remember feeling a little unwell at this point but I put that down to drinking and the chest infection I was still suffering with.

It was from this moment I was having troubles, foods I could normally eat were giving me such bad stomach pain and constipation, not a pleasant experience! so after a couple of months I decided to go to the doctors, instantly they told me that it was gluten, so they ran tests and things looked ok. I 100% didn’t have celiac disease which was good but they still said to avoid gluten as its causing irritation to my stomach. so I did.

I continued to not have gluten for another month or so and things just weren’t getting much better so I went back to the doctors and they gave me laxido a laxative that is designed to support healthy bowl movement…it did nothing. I was taking them everyday twice a day (as told to) and some days they would work and I’d begin to feel better but other days they did NOTHING all I could do was lie down and just breath through the cramping and intense pain. Plus at this time I was told to try to put gluten back in my diet, not ever trying that again!

I went back to the doctors AGAIN, saw the best doctor out of the lot and she told me that I had IBS and it should have been picked up on sooner. Sadly there wasn’t much she could do for me but I was told to keep gluten to a minimum and was made aware of the pain killers that would be most effective for me, plus she told me some of the small things I could do to help myself.

We now come to today, it has been a few months since my last doctors appointment and I am dealing with it better now than I have all year, yes I still get bad pains and if something hasn’t agreed with me at a meal I cant wait to leave so I can just put on baggy comfy clothes let the IBS bloat happen and just try to relax best I can.

I have also tried to get through to seeing a dietitian but as I’m not “an important case” — words of the worst doctor I’ve ever seen– it’s taking a while, so I may decide to just work through this without one.

IBS and being gluten-free was so hard for me to accept! I didn’t want to be THAT person at a restaurant, I didn’t want to have to rely on laxatives to get me through the day (which I have now cut out completely but still have around just in case) Its been a complete learning curve with many nights crying to Alex because I was in pain and just didn’t know where to look for the answer. But the longer I live without gluten combined with learning which foods will set my IBS off the easier I am finding it, I still try to eat small amounts of gluten, but when I say small I mean small and yes sometimes I go a little over board and eat too much, setting off my IBS and stomach pain but what can I do…..I’m only human 🙂

I hope you enjoyed todays post! I know that not everyone can relate personally but maybe if you have a friend or a loved one going through the same struggles it will help you understand that we don’t want to be gluten-free anymore than you do and sometimes we just need people to be a little patient with us.

Please leave a comment below telling me about your story or if anything in this blog helped and ill see you in my next post! bye 🙂

P.S if you want some tips on how to relieve IBS pain please let me know!


2 thoughts on “How I Came To Be Gluten-Free And Living IBS…..

  1. I 100% will so keep an eye out as it will be going up in the next few days, you can also subscribe and that will let you know when it goes up! its important to know that other people are going through the same thing, IBS can feel lonely sometimes


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