Reasons To Love Autumn

Autumn is an absolutely beautiful time of year. I ADORE autumn! The way the leaves change, the foggy mornings that turn out to be a beautiful sunrise, the crisp chill in the air, ahhhh! what could be better!?

Unlike myself, many of the people I know aren’t completely in-love with this time of year. I’m assuming the cold, wind and wet gets to them but when you look past all that, it truly is the BEST. If you’re the same as my friends, then here are the main things to love about autumn and if I don’t change your mind then…..I’m sorry we can’t be friends 😉

Ok so let’s get into it!

The Mornings!

I can’t say that I’m a morning person…But when I actually have to get up extra early (6/6:30am) instead of my comfortable 7:45/8am one of my favourite things to do, is open the shutters before the sun is fully up and just watch the morning glow. I do have to admit that I’m a lover of strange weather, when it rains I don’t mind, foggy days I find fun, odd things like that. Due to this, the foggy, crisp mornings that can be found in autumn really kick-start my day.

The need for hot food and drinks…

Hot drinks are something I live for! yes I love the cliché pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks but any coffee I’ll enjoy really. In the cold weather, wrapping up warm and going for a walk with a coffee in hand, then returning home and having some vegetable soup is just perfect. Walks aren’t the only time a hot drink is needed, making a hot chocolate, sitting on the sofa and watching classic films with loved ones is absolutely brilliant.

Wrapping up warm

I do love summer but when it comes to wearing shorts and short sleeve tops, I am FULLY out of my comfort zone. Due to this, when the cold weather start to creep in I get soooo excited! I can wear jumpers again! jeans, coats, scarves!! ahhh yes NOTHING beats it. oh yes we can’t forget about how comfortable the boots are, I adore that Chelsea boots are always in fashion. Feeling ‘insta’ worthy at any moment really can be fun, just don’t take it too seriously….

The Baking!

One of my hobbies is baking, I love just making sweet treats for my family to eat. My go-to is cupcakes but I love making anything from shortbread right through to brownies and cheesecake. I do want to start adding some baking onto this blog but there a still a few things to figure out, with christmas coming up im already gathering ideas on seasonal treats. 

The colours

I mean….what more is there to say? Autumn colours are amazing! Many people sat that autumn is the world showing us that dying can be beautiful (slightly morbid if you ask me) but they have a point. The deep orange leaves, blended in with the yellow and the red..If that doesn’t motivate you to go on a walk or just to get outside, nothing will. 

In conclusion to all of this, I find this time of year so peaceful, despite the craziness that may be going on and the fact my stress levels could be rising rapidly. As soon as I getoutside, breath in that cold air and just watch the world go by I instantly feel so much better. 

thank you so much for reading! have a brilliant day and I challenge you to just take a minuet to see the real beauty in this time of year 🙂 


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