When to step away from the situation….

Hello my pumpkins,  welcome back!

Today I’m going to be talking about learning when to remove yourself from a situation. The word itself sounds very dramatic but it’s really not. When I say ‘situation’ that can be anything from school work to family problems or even health problems. I just mean something that’s stressing you out!

Firstly I don’t want you to mistake stepping out of a situation, with simply running from it all together, they’re two very different things.

There could be many different reasons you feel the need to take some time out and just (as said many times already) step away, For me I had a shocking and stressful few days which really hit me hard (I’m sure at some point ill make a post about it) I’m already one of those people who has high stress levels, so having shock and uncertainty added into the mix doesn’t help. I had a few days off work, Halloween was coming up and my cousin invited me to Bristol, which all worked out perfectly! I went. I had the BEST time and it was so much fun, It also mixed with giving me time off from feeling sorry for myself and 100% made me learn that space from everyday life can be a very good thing.

Just because I decided to go to Bristol doesn’t mean that leaving town is the only way to remove yourself from the things getting you down. One simple day out could be all you need! but if you know that one day just wont do it, then find another way. Grabbing a friend and going camping is a brilliant, fun and cheap way to get out in nature! stay at a friend or family members house. How you get away isn’t the point here, the point is how you spend the time away, I decided to remove all opportunities that would allow me to think too deeply about what was going on in my life. 

Don’t panic if you’re the type of person that needs to spend time thinking and trying to understand thing’s that you probably can’t. That’s fine! Please just remember that sometimes things just….happen, you don’t know why, there isn’t a way for you to fix it. Time is brilliant at mending problems. 

I’m sorry that todays post isn’t as uplifting as usual but sometimes serious points need to be addressed! 

Thank you so much for reading 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it, please leave me a comment down below letting me know your views on this topic. ohhh and make sure to follow my Instagram, the link can be found above the logo but just to be safe here it is…. https://www.instagram.com/niftynightsofficial/



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