My Top 10 Beauty Favourites Of 2017

  Hello everyone and welcome back!

As 2017 comes to a close I always love to reflect on the year I have had, I look at every little moment….Sometimes this can get rather deep but today I’m keeping it very simple and just talking about the top 10 beauty products that i’ve used this year.

I have tried out so many products this year! so getting it down to my top 10 was a challange…Anyway! let’s get into it!

1.  Simple face wipes

Nothing feels better than taking off your makeup after a long day and it feels EVEN better when using good quality face wipes! At the beginning of the year I was in complete money-saving mode and face wipes that cost more than £2 were a BIG no no! As the year went on my financial situation improved and I was so excited when buying the ‘simple micellar cleansing wipes’ the normal price of these is £4.19 in boots but they do usually have a deal on.

2. Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit face wash

I LOVE this product! as I have been trying to focus on cleansing my skin deep down this product have been my go-to! having large pores is a pain but many of Neutrogena’s products contain salicylic acid which is brilliant for pore reduction and tightening the skin. This also doesn’t leave me feeling as though all the healthy oils have been stripped from my face. This face wash averages at £4 (Tesco)

3. L’Oreal paris hydra genius moisturiser (normal dry skin)

I go though this product like there is no tomorrow! Proper skin hydration is so important, out of all the things I take while going away, face cream has to be in my bag. Without question. As I suffer from dry skin (though that seems to be changing) there is no way i could wash my face and not put moisturiser on after! This product retails for an average £9.99 (boots)


4. Gillette venus swirl razor

A razor makes or breaks my shower routine, I have tried so many razor’s in the past few years but this one has 100% suited me best. I can’t fully put my finger on it but I love that there’s no shaving gel needed and the head moves so smoothly as it has the silver ball to help glide over the skins crevices. It also has changeable heads so you don’t have to keep buying the whole razor over and over again. This product is usually £5.99 and the changeable heads are £10.99

5. Vaseline lip therapy + lush lip scrub

These product have become more of a favourite as the year has gone on and the weather has become colder and colder. Like my skin my lips dry out very easily so keeping the vaseline in my bag at all times and the doing the lip scrub once or twice a week has turned out to be the perfect cure! vaseline £1.95 (boots) lush scrub £5.95

6. Oral B pro

yes I have included a toothbrush? I know it’s a little random but having clean teeth is soooo important! this toothbrush comes with a sensitivity light to ensure you can’t damage your gums by pressing too hard, the battery life is amazing! I never have to worry about it running out of charge while on holiday and the small head means it gets in every nook and cranny. This toothbrush averages for £49 (boots) but they are currently having a half price deal.

3 line 2

 7. Gucci guilty perfume

After being given my first bottle two years ago I have completely fallen in love with this! I do much prefer this scent for the colder months but that didn’t stop me wearing it through the summer (though the Armani SI did also show up a lot) I love the packaging of this aswell! The average retail price is £52.20 for 50ml.

8. Boots own No.7 loose finish powder

I don’t get on with many loose setting powders but the boots one just clicked with me. the only thing I find I don’t like with this product is the flash back can get a little bright but that hasn’t caused much of a problem for me. The pot seems to last me a long time which is always good and the powder itself is quite controllable which causes less mess. this product retails at £10.50

9. Eylure lashes

I did try to find my favourite pair but I use so many different lashes for so many different occasions, I would say I prefer the more natural looking lashes such as the opulent lashes or the Accent lashes but im yet to find a glue that will last all day for me. these lashes can be priced anywhere from £5.25 – £15

10. Soap and glory supercat skinny eyeliner

I definitely saved the BEST for last! this eyeliner is just so good for me! the pen holds a brilliant amount of product and doesn’t dry up. The nib is perfectly pointed to get the sharp wing look and it lasts all day long without smudging, transfer and colour fade. I could rave about this product for days but if there is anything on this list you need to try then this is the one! at boots it retails for £6

Screenshot 2017-12-23 22.53.56

There we have it, my top 10 beauty products of 2017! I honestly thought that there would be more makeup in this list but this year I feel as though I skipped out on the makeup hypes due to working but I now have some more free time and can’t wait to get to trying out new pallets and products in the new year!

one thing I’m dying to find is a good primer and foundation combination so any suggestions please let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this post and ill be talking to you soon!


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