A little bit about me…..

Hello everyone!

welcome to my ‘about’ page, I wanted to keep this as informal as possible so here goes….

I am an 18-year-old interior design student studying at Westminster university and loving it! I have a passion for design and there’s no other industry I’d want to be in!

Along with studying I also work at House Of Fraser but this is actually my first time in retail as I was a waitress for four years.

I decided to make this blog as almost a little diary for my life but to also be a place where people going through something in their life will be able to either just escape for a bit or even get a little advice on general life situations. I also hope to document my journey with food as I suffer from IBS and have a gluten intolerance and i know this can be so daunting! maybe if i post about it, other people will be able to learn something new or even teach me!

when it comes to this blog I want to make it where everyone can have a post they can relate to. I also want it to be full of your opinions and to have a community feel for everyone visiting. positivity is becoming a HUGE part of my life and I really want to show people how your mind-set can make such big changes in your life in general.

I will be uploading regularly and hopefully creating good content for everyone reading.

From this point I’m not really sure what to say but again thank you so so so much for reading this site and I hope to see you regularly.

p.s Nifty Nights is still in a developing process, so changes are always being made and i would love your opinion!