Why I LOVE setting yearly resolutions!

Why I LOVE setting yearly resolutions!

Hello everyone! welcome back to my blog. 

So today I’ve been thinking about my new year resolutions, I always find making resolutions a struggle, deciding what specific things I want to change in my life and put full focus on is hard for me as I have so many little goals, picking one….I just can’t! 

At the end of the year I was just feeling so negative about so many things, I could only focus on what was ‘wrong’ with my life. That to me now, is just so funny because after changing my mindset and focusing on the good, I’ve come to realize how beautiful my life is. This bad mindset did push me to make changes and as the new year was coming it couldn’t have been a more perfect time! 

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One week without foundation

One week without foundation

Hello everyone! Welcome back

In today’s post I’ll be talking about my experience spending a full week without wearing any foundation. I have to say that when it comes to foundation I don’t feel I need it for blemish coverage but I do find it makes a good base for the rest of my makeup and helps even out my skin tone.

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My Top 10 Beauty Favourites Of 2017

  Hello everyone and welcome back!

As 2017 comes to a close I always love to reflect on the year I have had, I look at every little moment….Sometimes this can get rather deep but today I’m keeping it very simple and just talking about the top 10 beauty products that i’ve used this year.

I have tried out so many products this year! so getting it down to my top 10 was a challange…Anyway! let’s get into it!

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When to step away from the situation….

When to step away from the situation….

Hello my pumpkins,  welcome back!

Today I’m going to be talking about learning when to remove yourself from a situation. The word itself sounds very dramatic but it’s really not. When I say ‘situation’ that can be anything from school work to family problems or even health problems. I just mean something that’s stressing you out!

Firstly I don’t want you to mistake stepping out of a situation, with simply running from it all together, they’re two very different things.

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Reasons To Love Autumn

Reasons To Love Autumn

Autumn is an absolutely beautiful time of year. I ADORE autumn! The way the leaves change, the foggy mornings that turn out to be a beautiful sunrise, the crisp chill in the air, ahhhh! what could be better!?

Unlike myself, many of the people I know aren’t completely in-love with this time of year. I’m assuming the cold, wind and wet gets to them but when you look past all that, it truly is the BEST. If you’re the same as my friends, then here are the main things to love about autumn and if I don’t change your mind then…..I’m sorry we can’t be friends 😉

Ok so let’s get into it!

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My Top 3 Gluten-Free Pasta Sauces

My Top 3 Gluten-Free Pasta Sauces

Welcome back my pumpkins!

So today I have decided to share 3 gluten-free pasta sauces that will 100% become staples to your weekly meal plan. Not only are all these recipes gluten-free, but they’re also delicious! and don’t require a lot of skill.

My favourite gluten-free pasta is from Waitrose, this post has no connection with Waitrose but it is the pasta I use when it comes to making these dishes as it’s the closest to regular pasta I can find. 

Anyway lets jump right into this post! 

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The Trick To Getting Out Of A Rut.

Every now and again I find myself in a rut, This probably happens around 2 or 3 times a year, I really start to question what I am doing with my life or the direction I want it to take, which feels ridiculous at the age of 18! no one at my age knows what they want to do.

Because of my age and the uncertainty of the future, part of me finds it amazingly exciting. All the possibilities, the things that could happen, not knowing where I’ll end up. Brilliant but also terrifying well……..for me at least. 

Due to recently getting out of a rut, I have put together some of my top tips that I use to help me better my mind set and productivity levels. 

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