Getting out of your comfort zone….


Getting out of your comfort zone… something we all have to do every now and again. This can be anything from trying a new sport to getting a new job.

Depending on who you are you ll either love trying new things or (like me) when new opportunities present themselves you’ll definitely think twice before saying yes. While on holiday in the isle of Arron my dad came across a pony trekking club which allowed anyone from the young,old, inexperienced to experienced riders to go for an hour trek along the coast of the island.

Horse riding for me isn’t something new as growing up I was part of a local club from ages 7 to 12 which should in theory mean i am comfortable around horses and good at riding. This isn’t the case, while riding as a child i was able to get used to Charlie (he was the horse i rode the most) which made me comfortable around him plus i was always with my instructor which was an added comfort, when going to stables further from home the horses become strangers along with the instructors.

In the past year my best friend and I have been trying to make an effort to do more riding but as were now 18 and haven’t rode properly in 6 years we’re a bit out of practice, i can hardly trot now!

Today I went alone…..well without someone i actually knew, this already was a tad unnerving but i had to get on with it. I was put on Fergus the pony who at the beginning seemed calm and relaxed but as the trek went on he become more and more difficult to control and did actually have me slightly scared which i had to conceal very well as horses are very good at sensing fear in humans.

The closer we got to the end of the trek and the stables Fergus was getting more and more keen to bolt off but I had to keep him in line and walking despite me dreading him shooting off with me on his back. The instructor told me i had to show him whose boss so i sat firm in my saddle, pulled HARD on the reigns which did cause him to freak out for a small moment but he soon calmed down and was as good as gold for the rest of the journey (we even managed to have a little cuddle at the end)

In conclusion to all of this I was proud of myself for staying calm in a stressful situation and felt great that I’d actually pushed myself to do something (A) alone and (B) with confidence.

If you’ve got something in your life that’s pushing you further from your comfort zone, no matter how big or small  I say go for it! at the end of the day you’ll either just need to ask for a little help or you’ll thrive while feeling on top of the world.

Let me know in the comment box whats pushing you out your comfort zone! id love to hear.

All the best my pumpkins!

Lauren xox