The Trick To Getting Out Of A Rut.

Every now and again I find myself in a rut, This probably happens around 2 or 3 times a year, I really start to question what I am doing with my life or the direction I want it to take, which feels ridiculous at the age of 18! no one at my age knows what they want to do.

Because of my age and the uncertainty of the future, part of me finds it amazingly exciting. All the possibilities, the things that could happen, not knowing where I’ll end up. Brilliant but also terrifying well……..for me at least. 

Due to recently getting out of a rut, I have put together some of my top tips that I use to help me better my mind set and productivity levels. 

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Where i’ve been….changes to my blog?

Welcome back my pumpkins! so its been a little while! The first thing I want to address is where in the world I’ve been!?

So in the past few months I have gone through unemployment  re-employment, hit a  very rough low and now I’m feeling like things are looking up.

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Returning to reality and bettering yourself….

Returning to reality and bettering yourself….

It’s that time again…..home time.


Now my relaxing and secluded holiday is over and my seven hour journey begins home, I’m definitely feeling the holiday blues, but I have to say I’ve missed working and actually having things on my schedule, not to sound all business, but small things such as going to the gym, meeting up with friends and of course college work (There’s also my job but I’m not sure ill ever miss waiting tables)

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Getting out your comfort zone….

Getting out your comfort zone….

Getting out of your comfort zone…. something we all have to do every now and again. This can be anything from trying a new sport to starting a new job.


Depending on who you are you’ll either love trying new things or (like me) when new opportunities present themselves you’ll definitely think twice before saying yes. While on holiday in the isle of Arron my dad came across a pony trekking club which allows anyone from the young, old, experienced and inexperienced riders to go for an hour trek along the coast of the island.


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My lazy way to inspiration.

My lazy way to inspiration.


Today was a lazy day for me, It was raining with grey skies while on holiday in Norfolk. Sadly there wasn’t much we could do outside and a beach walk didn’t seem appealing while it tipped it down so I decide to bring out my water-colour pencils which is something I hadn’t done for fun in a long while.
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